Company was founded in March 1997 in Vienna, Austria.

Nowadays there are two main activities and development of our company:

    - IT services and consulting in the field of advanced computer technology and communications;
    - Trade of a wide range of Fuels and Petroleum Products and trade consulting.

IT services.

- We create high-tech computer networks, providing reliable and convenient fully secured access to necessary information;

- We create and maintain websites in accordance to the requirements and desires of the customer;

- We organize corporate e-mail with interactive access to it in many European languages.

Using modern technology and our special formulations helps to save on communication costs, especially in those companies where these costs are significant.

Reliability, security and ease of access to information at minimum cost - the main components of our service!

Oil Products trading.

-    Our experts perform the trading of various types of petroleum products and fuels in Black Sea and Baltic Sea regions;

-    We provide Oil Products Trade consulting to our customers including marketing services, prices monitoring etc.

The basis of success in business and in our relations with our partners, we believe competence, mutual respect and fulfillment of commitments in time.